Relient k

There isn’t much to say except that Relient k came to Biola last night, and a couple thousand college kids became highschoolers again.

Here also, is the setlist from the evening. For posterity’s sake.

And so, PEACE OUT. For more from the night from my awesome co-photo editor Ashley Jones, check out the Chimes’ photo gallery.


Big Bear

I’d intro this blog with a story, but Mike tells it pretty well enough. So, I’ll tell it from my point of view. Looking to finally get out of the confines of La Mirada and experience the great outdoors, my friend Mike and roommate Chris decide it’s a great idea to head up to Big Bear and take sick pics – at…  4 in the morning. Once there, I realized that my hole-y vans, one pair of socks, and pitiful two layers of clothing was not enough to fend off sub-15 degree weather. Big Bear 1, the rest of us 0.

But I’d still call it a success, and with the slight beginnings of frostbite’s effects starting to wear off, here are the results of our little photoventure. Hope you enjoy!

So there’s that. God’s creation is truly beautiful, and to have a couple hours to try to capture it with a frosted lens is truly an honor. Peace.

Biola Baseball vs. Cal State San Bernardino

Here are photos from the game on Thursday. Only got to shoot a couple hours, but regardless, here they are! 🙂

Peace. More to come.

Biola Baseball vs. La Verne

Baseball is BACK, peeps! And I’m amped to be shooting it again for the Chimes. To be real, I had to fight off some rust and my timing was a little slow in coming (like a batter!), but here are some photos from today’s first game of a double header.

This guy, Nick Covyeua, was a stud the past couple days. In this particular game, he slugged two homers and also made this phenomenal catch. Nice work!

There ya have it. Should be getting up a blog from the basketball game, the other day.

Kelsey: Pointin’

Happy 2012! Here’s the first J.A.M. post of the new year. Last semester, I had a chance to work with The Point Magazine, and Kelsey was and still is the editor in chief of that esteemed magazine. We did her chief photos around downtown Fullerton one afternoon, and these are some of my favorites. Random note: it’s looking like this is going to be a very vertical post. yeah…

Of course, no photo shoot is complete without playgrounds.

Taylor and Rachel: Chillin’

Here’s a fun shoot we did a month or so ago. There’s some backstory on this one.

So, I was doing product photography in a Biola studio, and my friends Taylor and Rachel both happened to be there. Naturally, they wanted a photoshoot. So, we got them in front of the white backdrop and took some zany, funny photos. Little did I know, I would later that night wipe the card without downloading their photos to my hard drive… so I naturally owed them a new shoot. Here’s what came of it! It was super fun, and a long time in coming. I understand.


BOOM. Peace.


This shoot was yet another for the Chimes. Joel here was featured on a Got Milk? ad with his family, so I went out to take photos of him. Because we shot these outside at night, I decided strobing him from behind would create a sweet effect; and sure enough, I’d say these turned out pretty sweet.

Peace out. Working on the Taylor/Rachel shoot, as we speak! I’m going to go out on a limb and say that could be done this weekend. (Fingers crossed)