Tiffany and Matt: Wedded

In continuing this blog series of weddings from last year, here’s one I did of Matt and Tiffany back in December. Had a blast shooting it with my good friend and former co-Photo Editor of The Chimes, Ashley Jones.

An Ashley shot:


Nick and Jenn: Wedded

Just thought I’d toss up a wedding that I helped shoot from last September. Yeah, better late than never, I guess. Going to try to be updating this blog over the next couple weeks with some wedding photos. In other news, I’m currently working with doing sports reporting and photos. Just recently got my first blog posted covering Matt Kemp’s rehab, so if you want, check it out here.

Anyways, weddingage. Thanks to Mike Villa Visuals for taking me along.



Luly and Jake: Wedded

Hey friends. Been awhile since we talked! Been taking it pretty easy the first few weeks of summer, but I’m itching to get out there and make pictures again. Today’s blog post comes with photos from the first wedding I ever shot, back in April.

Luly and Jake were a lovely couple to work with, and I am glad to say I’m fairly happy with how the photos came out. SPECIAL THANKS to my good friend Karissa Tse, who was more than a capable second shooter. Her stuff is all over this blog. Check out her fantastic work here.

Anyways, photos away!

The wedding festivities are about to begin!

There ya have it. Peace out.

Wedding set-up at the Padua (June 20, 2010)

Just dug up these photos from a wedding I helped my cousin set up at the beautiful Padua in Claremont. I love this venue; it has an old Spanish pueblo feel, but has an old money, regal feel to it. If you are getting married anytime soon, check this place out.

By the way, be sure to look up my cousin Dodie’s his company, Brassavolas Floral Couture. He’s crazy talented, and someday when it’s my turn, hopefully he’ll set up my wedding.

Anyways, here are the photos that I took while not filling vases with water, unwrapping candle votives, or carrying empty boxes back to the truck.

There’s more where this came from. For the full set, Flickr it.