Biola Baseball 2012

Was just cleaning up the hard drive of photos from the past year and thought I’d throw a few of these up from this past spring. Memories.


Track Portrait Fun

Did a quick headshot dealio for The Chimes Athlete of the Week, this week. Thought I’d toss up a quick blog with the results.

Joseph DeClerq, Sports Editor

Nychele Fischetti, Track and Field

Brooke Forsi, Track and Field


Biola Baseball vs. Cal State San Bernardino

Here are photos from the game on Thursday. Only got to shoot a couple hours, but regardless, here they are! 🙂

Peace. More to come.

Biola Baseball vs. La Verne

Baseball is BACK, peeps! And I’m amped to be shooting it again for the Chimes. To be real, I had to fight off some rust and my timing was a little slow in coming (like a batter!), but here are some photos from today’s first game of a double header.

This guy, Nick Covyeua, was a stud the past couple days. In this particular game, he slugged two homers and also made this phenomenal catch. Nice work!

There ya have it. Should be getting up a blog from the basketball game, the other day.

Men’s Soccer: Biola Vs. APU (Oct. 15, 2011)

It’s been a crazy weekend at Biola. Photos everywhere. These ones are from the men’s soccer game this afternoon, where the Biola Eagles took on APU’s Cougars. The Eagles coughed up a 1-goal lead with a couple minutes left in regulation, and eventually lost to APU in overtime, but the images from the game were sweet nonetheless. See below:


Biola Softball and Baseball

Spring is in the air… it’s peaking through the blinds. And with that, come the sweet, sweet sounds of a baseball hitting leather gloves and wooden/aluminum bats. Biola’s baseball and softball teams have gotten their seasons underway, and here are a few photos from this past week’s action.

These are my first shots ever of baseball and softball, so go easy on a brotha. PEACE.

^Home run trot.

I ❤ baseball.

Biola Women’s Tennis

February 5, 2011.