Ashley: Graduated

It’s only been almost four months, but Ashley is finally on the blog. One of my best friends in the whole world, she and I manned the Photo Editor helm for the Biola Chimes this past school year. I couldn’t have been more thrilled when she asked me to shoot her grad photos. Here are my favorites from the session right before she graduated.


Congradumalations, again, Ash!

P.s. Any photo peeps out there who can suggest a new blog template?


Track Portrait Fun

Did a quick headshot dealio for The Chimes Athlete of the Week, this week. Thought I’d toss up a quick blog with the results.

Joseph DeClerq, Sports Editor

Nychele Fischetti, Track and Field

Brooke Forsi, Track and Field


Kelsey: Pointin’

Happy 2012! Here’s the first J.A.M. post of the new year. Last semester, I had a chance to work with The Point Magazine, and Kelsey was and still is the editor in chief of that esteemed magazine. We did her chief photos around downtown Fullerton one afternoon, and these are some of my favorites. Random note: it’s looking like this is going to be a very vertical post. yeah…

Of course, no photo shoot is complete without playgrounds.

Taylor and Rachel: Chillin’

Here’s a fun shoot we did a month or so ago. There’s some backstory on this one.

So, I was doing product photography in a Biola studio, and my friends Taylor and Rachel both happened to be there. Naturally, they wanted a photoshoot. So, we got them in front of the white backdrop and took some zany, funny photos. Little did I know, I would later that night wipe the card without downloading their photos to my hard drive… so I naturally owed them a new shoot. Here’s what came of it! It was super fun, and a long time in coming. I understand.


BOOM. Peace.


This shoot was yet another for the Chimes. Joel here was featured on a Got Milk? ad with his family, so I went out to take photos of him. Because we shot these outside at night, I decided strobing him from behind would create a sweet effect; and sure enough, I’d say these turned out pretty sweet.

Peace out. Working on the Taylor/Rachel¬†shoot, as we speak! I’m going to go out on a limb and say that could be done this weekend. (Fingers crossed)

Rachel and Taylor (teaser)

Weddings and stuff on the way, but this was a pretty fun shoot that I’d like to preview before then! ¬†These two are super fun

Amber: Life

Hey folks! New blog hitting now!

This lovely lady’s name is Amber, and though she sometimes hates to admit it, she’s a pro in front of the camera. I think you’ll agree after scrolling through these ones.

Thanks Amber!