Relient k

There isn’t much to say except that Relient k came to Biola last night, and a couple thousand college kids became highschoolers again.

Here also, is the setlist from the evening. For posterity’s sake.

And so, PEACE OUT. For more from the night from my awesome co-photo editor Ashley Jones, check out the Chimes’ photo gallery.


Switchfoot Bro-Am (June 18, 2011)

The second day of what I like to call “Switchfoot Weekend” comprised of the main event. THE beach event of the year. That’s right, it’s the Switchfoot Bro-Am. For the un-initiated, the Bro-Am is a combination of surf contest and free concert, which benefits StandUp For Kids, an organization that helps out homeless kids who live on the streets. It’s a great cause, and you should definitely check it out. This year’s event was the biggest one yet, and I’m so glad that this many people came out to enjoy music from one of the greatest bands on the planet, AND support a great cause.

But, enough chit chat! Here are some photos from the day, which culminated in, of course, a Switchfoot concert.

^Switchfoot drummer Chad Butler in the blue, and Jon Foreman in the red.

^Switchfoot bassist Tim Foreman.

Of course, what is a Bro-Am without SURF JOUSTING??

And a “gorella” suit?

“Do you want to know a secret?”

And now, some music. First, The Silent Comedy melted faces. You should definitely check em out.

^This guy’s mustache was fantastic.

And now, the main attraction: home-town heroes, Switchfoot!!


Such a great weekend…

Hope you enjoyed these photos… peace out.

Switchfoot: San Diego Fair (June 17, 2011)

Hey friends. This past weekend, I got to head down to San Diego to see my favorite band, Switchfoot, play two shows and host an epic beach event to benefit StandUp For Kids.

Here are a few of the better photos from the first show, at the San Diego Fair, formerly known as the Del Mar Fair.

The spot we were in was front and center, but the stage was so freaking high. Not the ideal situation for photo-ness, but the show was quite enjoyable. Surfing contest/Bro-Am stuff coming tomorrow-ish. I can never stay on schedule with these kinds of things.

Anyways, peace out.

The Eddy (April 12, 2011)

Another Eddy concert event. Another night of epic tunes. This evening featured the talents of Paulie Pesh, DJ Flavio, Golden Days, and White Sea. Check all of them out!







There was a party.

Spencer Alfonso: Riley and the Roxies

My buddy Spencer is a Biola freshman studying film. However, he is a musician with some sweet tunes and a band that is working on their debut EP. That band is called Riley and the Roxies. Check ’em out. I did a story on Spencer for The Chimes, and shot photos for the piece as well.

Charlie Hall: Live at Biola University

Charlie Hall, a prominent worship singer, performed at Biola a couple weeks ago. He’s got some epic facial hair, doesn’t he?

^Thank God for time to finally edit photos. woo.

Steelwells: Live at the OC Music Awards

Yes, it’s been a month, but here are photos of the Steelwells at the OC Music Awards showcase at the Galaxy Theatre back on February 25th. That night, the band took home the OC Music Award for Best Live Band, and it was evident why.

Check out The Chimes article I wrote about the event. Then, here are some black and white photos. The band looks great, don’t they? They’re currently on tour with Foster the People,
and just played some showcases at SXSW! They’re on the verge of becoming huge, peeps.

Also yeah, here are a few photos of the band before them. Sorry, forgot their name.

And, the Steelwells, ladies and gentlemen!