Holiday Baked Goods

Hey friends! I know the holidays are over, but check out these baked goodies my mother concocted during the Christmas and New Year’s seasons. All I can say is my relatives were very happy.

Yum yum yum.


dog and pastries/bakings

Hello friends. Summer has been pretty fun so far, but there are some times when you find yourself sitting at home doing basically nothing. So I pulled out the camera and did some practice shots of my dog Shadrach (again). Isn’t he adorable?

Maybe you can help me put more variety into my photos! I’m relatively new to this whole thing, and am looking to build a portfolio. Anyone willing to help me out, by being free models? You will get nice photos of yourself for no charge! Hit me up and comment below or email:

Oh, and my mom has been working on baking and improving her decoration skills. She’s taking orders now, for birthday cakes, cupcakes, regular cakes, and many other delicious things. Leave a comment or check out her blog. I’m serious, you might want to look it up. Seriously.

Here are some things she whipped up yesterday:

Brownie Time!

Hello. My mom just made these brownies that have goat cheese in them. Trust me, it’s not as bad as it sounds!

Happy Birthday Uncle Andy; mom makes another cake.

My mother is becoming a cake-making mistress. Check out her latest creation for her youngest brother, and my uncle.

^Check out the flower detail. Yay mom.

mom made a cake

The other day, my mom made a cake. Here’s what it looked like: