Big Bear

I’d intro this blog with a story, but Mike tells it pretty well enough. So, I’ll tell it from my point of view. Looking to finally get out of the confines of La Mirada and experience the great outdoors, my friend Mike and roommate Chris decide it’s a great idea to head up to Big Bear and take sick pics – at…  4 in the morning. Once there, I realized that my hole-y vans, one pair of socks, and pitiful two layers of clothing was not enough to fend off sub-15 degree weather. Big Bear 1, the rest of us 0.

But I’d still call it a success, and with the slight beginnings of frostbite’s effects starting to wear off, here are the results of our little photoventure. Hope you enjoy!

So there’s that. God’s creation is truly beautiful, and to have a couple hours to try to capture it with a frosted lens is truly an honor. Peace.


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