Taylor and Rachel: Chillin’

Here’s a fun shoot we did a month or so ago. There’s some backstory on this one.

So, I was doing product photography in a Biola studio, and my friends Taylor and Rachel both happened to be there. Naturally, they wanted a photoshoot. So, we got them in front of the white backdrop and took some zany, funny photos. Little did I know, I would later that night wipe the card without downloading their photos to my hard drive… so I naturally owed them a new shoot. Here’s what came of it! It was super fun, and a long time in coming. I understand.


BOOM. Peace.



This shoot was yet another for the Chimes. Joel here was featured on a Got Milk? ad with his family, so I went out to take photos of him. Because we shot these outside at night, I decided strobing him from behind would create a sweet effect; and sure enough, I’d say these turned out pretty sweet.

Peace out. Working on the Taylor/Rachel¬†shoot, as we speak! I’m going to go out on a limb and say that could be done this weekend. (Fingers crossed)