I think I’ll call this one “Photobooth Mayhem”

WOW. It’s been quite the weekend (and as of this writing, there’s only half an hour left). Basically, a running summary of the past few days was as follows:

1. Photo booth of Sigma Hall’s final event of the year. That was pretty awesome in and of itself.

2. MOSAIC MASQUERADE. It’s THE event on Biola’s campus, one that our dorm floor, Horton 2nd South, throws for the rest of campus. I had the pleasure of running the photo booth for this one as well, and can I tell you, it was the shizzle nitzel.


And, things got a little crazy once our guests left…

Once the photo booth wrapped up, we got a few other random photos including a photo shoot with Dev and my new homie, Anthony.

Also, smoke and bubbles.

To my Mosaic brothers, I love you all. You are freakin’ rock stars.


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