Dominican Republic Day 4

Day 4 saw the Biola Journalism group split off for a bit. A team I was with was dispatched to Liceo Don Bosco in Hainamosa, one of the only public high schools in the Dominican Republic. It stood in stark contrast to most of what we’d seen so far in the D.R.; it was clean, well-maintained, and simply spectacular. It would put a ton of American high schools to shame.

Oh yeah, I had some fun with this. For photog peeps, I have a 24-70mm lens with a giant hood. On this particular day however, I was favoring the wide angle lens, so I decided to stick the 24-70 hood on the wide, and here’s what happened. Nothing fancy, but still hilarious, I guess.

Next stop? The girl’s prison. Also, another tropical storm decided to erupt while we were there, so I took my little camera out into the rain and got some good rain photos with Sarah Grunder.

After we retreated from the rain, some of us went over to El Refugio, a center for youth in the city of Capotillo. This little youth group gathering was sick, and also, the great Mike Villa let me use his Nikon D700 for the following images. Yep.

^Nothing like a game of Ninja to break the ice.

P.S. Full-frame-ness makes me drool. That is all.


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