Dominican Republic Day 3

The itinerary for Day 3 in the D.R. was pretty packed.

Destination List:

– Boy’s Prison
– Random assault on a group of baseball players in the street
– The Dominican Republic Major League Baseball offices
– Pedro Martinez’s center for youth

And, photos. First, the boy’s prison director.

Random group assault on some baseball players.

Major League Baseball in the D.R.

And… Pedro’s place.

They were very gracious to us, supplying the team with Dominican Coca Cola. Yes, it’s better. See? Even Mike thinks so.

This is Iris. She is my hermana, and she was our translator as well.

This is Nehemias. He plays baseball, and is a Lakers fan.

This is Ashley. The kids loved her.

These images are taking me back… my heart is stirred each time I think about these beautiful people. I miss the Dominican Republic so much…

Thanks for looking/reading.


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