Dominican Republic Day 1

Que lo que, friends? Just got back from one of the best trips of my life. For a week, a group of journalists and I traveled to the Dominican Republic to document the people, the culture, and anything and everything else along the way.

I basically had the one computer on this trip that wasn’t able to get online on a consistent basis, so I wasn’t able to share some photos from this incredible trip until now. Guys, it was such a phenomenal journey. Read about our travels here, where the team members wrote about our progress in making the book project. Here is mine from yours truly. Anyways, here are some fotos from Republica Dominica. I love this place so much… and the people I got to spend a week with there.

This is Day 1.

This guy was just chillin’ on the beach. No big deal.

Day 2 tomorrow. Stay tuned folksies.


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