Chris Johnson: Biola SMU President

Last week, this man was one of three candidates running for the Student Missionary Union Presidential position. This week, he is the official president elect. Ladies and gents, meet Chris Johnson.

A little bit of back story on this, Chris lives on the same dorm floor as I do. When he asked me to help shoot photos for his campaign, I was thrilled. Some of these photos got used for his campaign posters, which were posted all across the Biola campus. Kinda cool, eh?

^That’s my buddy Devin, by the way. You met him here.

Anyways, here are some of the shots that did and didn’t make the cut, but are still pretty sweet. Chris and I had a blast with this shoot.









Even the Santa Clara School of Law likes Chris!

Onward! To the future!

And, we’re out.


One Response to Chris Johnson: Biola SMU President

  1. han-nah says:

    You could make these promos for a show called “Everybody Likes Chris.”

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