“I know it’s hard.”

My heart was torn asunder. The church I was sitting in was doing a small little in-house ministry thing. The idea was that the church is just as much obligated to reach out within themselves and care for one another as it is to go out into the world and make disciples.

On this particular day, I wasn’t doing so swell. I had done some pretty embarrassing things at this church, and caused a scene like Billie Jean. But the in-house ministry thing proceeded, and I was handed a care package of a few little things like everyone else. I scanned the items, and on the Lays chip bag, someone had written a little word of encouragement.

The first words I saw were “I know it’s hard.”

I’m not sure exactly why the tears came. Whether it was the fact that I was having a bad day, or the fact that someone out there at this church understood what I was going through. Or perhaps it was the fact that God used this person to write this message on a chip bag; a message that could have been delivered randomly to anyone else in the congregation. But it came to me. It’s  a reminder to never underestimate the power of just understanding someone’s situation. Sometimes that’s all people need.

Well, whatever it was, it hit me like a freight train. I don’t recall what the rest of it said, but upon reading those words of understanding and empathy, I began to openly weep.

Then, I woke up.


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