“Can’t find the words to sing…”

I slammed the headphones down in frustration. This is just not going to work! I thought as I feverishly looked for something to chuck at the wall.

It had been a day-long project. I had gotten the backing tracks to Michael Jackson’s and Akon’s new song, “Hold My Hand,” and was determined to sing over them and create a new masterpiece. In my fervor, I forgot two things:

1. I’m not Michael Jackson.

2. Akon (as always) is heavily auto-tuned on the track.

but none of that matters! I thought to myself. I’m going to sing my heart out and deliver a performance that even MJ would’ve been proud of. That was at 2:30 p.m.

It was now 8:30 p.m., and the song was going nowhere. Sure, I had the tracks laid down, but it just didn’t sound VERY GOOD. I played it back for my brother, who gave a few “oo’s and ah’s” (not the good kind) for feedback, and I knew it was back to the drawing board.

Ok, ok. I’ll go ahead and rest for a bit, then lock myself in my room and try it again...

The only part I had been remotely impressed with was my mini-choir; I had cobbled together 5 of my vocal tracks to mimic the choir at the end of the record. See?

Anyways, I took my break. And now, here I was in my room. My grand plan to “prove the world wrong” was underway; I was going to be living up to the notion that “if you do not at first succeed, try and try again.”

Then, the bro peaks his head in the door and says something to the effect of “Maybe you’re just trying to hard. You can sing, but you’re trying to copy MJ and an auto-tuned guy.”

He was right. So in a generally despondent mood, I flipped the Macbook closed and turned the TV on, ready to drown in a cesspool of mediocrity and failure. I think at that point, I posted a status on Facebook:

^In theory, that would’ve hurt a lot…

Anyways, my attention then turned to the DVD player, which played Switchfoot’s “Hello Hurricane” film thing. Not the first time I had seen it, so I watched with passive interest – until the camera focused on guitarist Drew Shirley. In this shot, the guy was close to tears as he talked about one of the band’s songs called “Sing It Out,” which came at a very difficult time in the recording process. Switchfoot had tracked song after song after song until they became lost in a sea of material… and in the process, for awhile, the band had lost their identity. But here was this beautiful song that had emerged out of the brokenness…

“When I listen to ‘Sing It Out’… ~breaks down~ It’s cool… ~sniffs~ Kind of a victory out of brokenness, you know?”

My situation wasn’t nearly as dire, but that thought moved me. Yes. YES, there IS victory out of failure and brokenness. Yes, I may never sing like the King of Pop, but there is more to life than that! It’s not the last song I’m going to sing… so why cry about it? There will be another day… the sun will rise again!

Even when “I can’t find the words to sing… you’ll be my remedy…”

So go ahead. Even if you aren’t where you want to be, sing out loud! Live life to the fullest and reach out for your goals!

You know how people say things? Well, they say that success isn’t the end goal; it’s the journey that takes you to there. SO cliche. So cheesy.

But so true.


2 Responses to “Can’t find the words to sing…”

  1. This is great Job…I mean, not great that you were having troubles with your music. But a great reminder. 🙂 Thanks!

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