Life is funny: a story about fallen hard drives

Life is funny.

As I was plugging in my hard drive to back up my mac, I thought to myself, “Hm, wouldn’t it just suck if my hard drive crashed?” I then made a mental note to myself to exhibit extra care when handling my precious external hard drives. Ok. Remember, set them down flat on the table, be careful not to swing them around, etc.

Having completed this brain checklist, I plugged in my hard drive just like every other time. No big deal, right? It turns out, the drive was unreadable! WHAT!? Unbelievable. The very thing I had thought in my mind had come true before my very eyes. The reality of the whole situation left me sitting there dumbstruck while incredulously staring at my fallen hard drive for a couple of minutes.

After recovering from the shock, I opened disk utility on the mac, and salvaged what I could from the drive.

^This is what it gave me. So, it looks like I’m going to be up tonight backing up my photos and other cyber crap into my second hard drive. But yeah, life is hilarious like that.


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