“I am invincible” (NOT)

John Mayer is a decently intelligent dude. He’s smart enough to tell us that we need to say what we need to say. He’s got enough cognitive intuition to think slow dancing in a burning room is a great idea. And he’s acute enough to claim boldly that “I am invincible… as long as I’m alive…”

All kidding aside, that last reference has got me thinking over the last few days. Since coming home from school, I’ve had a sore throat that progressively worsened. On Saturday, it had gotten to the point where my right tonsil was so swollen it was blocking half of my throat passage. Being the occasionally impulsive neurotic that I am, I thought I was going to die. It was painful to breathe, talking was nearly impossible, and eating was simply out of the question (I did force in some Panda Express though).

That got me to thinking about Mr. Mayer’s song. “I am invincible.” Clearly, at this point in time, I was not invincible. Far from it. Then somewhere in my near-delirious brain, I realized that things could’ve been a lot worse.

Instead of being home with a warm bed and caring parentals, I could’ve been at school still studying for finals and stressing out. Tonsillitis on its own is terrible; add the stresses of school, and … well, oh boy.

Thank the good Lord above, things are a lot better today. The tonsil is no longer swollen, and it’s been raining adamantly outside. Because I’m actually pain-free, I’ve finally been able to sit and listen to the rain as it pounds on the windows… one of my favorite things.

So I suppose this was the usual “count your blessings” lesson. I’ve gotten so many of these it’s ridiculous… but I guess you can never stop learning, right?

Currently Listening: “Silver Bells” by Relient k (and many many many others who have played this classic tune over the years)


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