I love weddings. It’s one of the few times in life where everyone is happy. Well, almost everyone… for those who labor in the background, it is sometimes hard to be happy. After all, they’re the one’s who are schlepping flowers, gear, and boxes everywhere in preparation for the happy ceremony and equally happy reception and celebration afterwards.

For me, witnessing two weddings over the weekend while setting up flowers and makeshift gazebos, there is a sense of happiness that exudes from the celebratory audiences and the newlyweds. It’s like a new beginning for them; a fresh start, a launching pad, whatever you’d like to call it. There are goodbyes – goodbyes to bachelorhood, goodbyes to homes lived in for their entire lives, goodbyes to innocence, goodbyes to blissful childhood.

Weddings are like a clash of all the extremes of emotional power. You have the exuberance of life, the vitality of family and the wistfulness of the past.

I sat during a break thinking about the whole idea of weddings and thought about the groom and bride. What could they have been thinking? Here they were, at the real crossroads, ready to explore the world as two united into one. Were they scared? Excited? In despair (wow, that’d be sad)? Were they thinking about the end of the event when they would finally be alone to share in their memories of the day and plow forward?

These questions will never be truly answered until the day I stand up there, the good Lord willing, at the gazebo/altar/hoopa/tent thing, and watch as my bride walks up the aisle…

But until then, what an interesting thing, these weddings are! Planning them must take some time and elaborate thought, but I’m sure more often than not, the results are truly something else. In the words of one of our happy brides this weekend, “it was all just magical!”


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